School for Scandal

Here we have yet another Old Etonian fucking us all up: – Nix, of course, was the boss of Cambridge Analytica, which was involved subvertly in the manipulation of votes in the Brexit referendum, and in the subsequent British and American elections.

Of course where we are today is not only – or even mainly – Eton’s fault. But it raises the question: when on earth are we going either to abolish or to nationalise this over-privileged institution? It’s been a drag on the whole country now for nigh-on 600 years. Nix is an unusual example of the Eton breed – he understands numbers, for a start, and seems to be more cunning – but his upper-class amorality is pretty typical. Unfortunately this current judgment on him has come four years too late to undo the harm that Cambridge Analytica has done, and probably too late to serve as a warning for the future. ‘Floreat Etona’, indeed.

I recall John Betjeman’s famous poem: ‘Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough!’ Eton is not far from Slough. Perhaps a few of those friendly bombs could be diverted.

PS. Look Alexander Nix up in Wiki. Another example, together with Murdoch et alia, of the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ syndrome.

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  1. Tony says:

    One waits to see with interest what the ‘new’ Labour leadership proposals will be for private secondary education and selective grammar schools. From 1964-92 there was a Labour commitment to abolish both groups, but they are still thriving and contributing to the unfairness and inequality of English society, including Oxbridge entry, and the incompetence of its political class. I hope Stamer, who attended a selective grammar school does not have any lingering nostalgia for it, as I suspect Blair did for Fettes (the ‘Eton of Scotland’)

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