Something to Look Forward To

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Retired academic, author, historian.
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4 Responses to Something to Look Forward To

  1. “The new flashpoint is beloved anthems at home and the “sound” of the United Kingdom to many abroad: Rule, Britannia! and Land of Hope and Glory. For the first time in decades the two songs won’t be sung at the Last Night of the Proms, an extravaganza staged by the BBC at the Royal Albert Hall each September and watched or heard by millions on television and radio. The numbers will only be played by the orchestra.”
    Do you have an opinion on this issue, Bernard? Is it trivial or is it important?

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  2. That seems like a good deal; however, I would have preferred to pay the full price and receive instead.
    The Lion’s Share
    A History of British Imperialism 1800 to the Present
    Bernard Porter

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