Don’t Mention the Blacks

What did I tell you? Out comes Boris, using this ‘statue’ nonsense to entirely avoid the main issue raised by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, and instead to attack what has been the Tories’ favourite target for years, the ‘Loony Left’!

It’s right out of the Trump playbook. Johnson even issues his condemnation in ‘tweets’. Together with his inane boasting about Britain’s being a ‘world leader’ in its response to the coronavirus pandemic (!!), his ban on government ministers appearing on certain MSM TV or radio programmes, like Newsnight, which might be overly critical, his studied refusal to criticise Trump in the House of Commons the other day, his government’s subtle reneging on ‘chlorinated chicken’ and American involvement in our NHS, and of course his persistent lying and avoidance of questions always, it looks as though he’s angling to become a mini but classier Trump himself, and to turn Britain into a de facto colony of the American empire. So are the biters (the British) bit. And 1776 is finally revenged and reversed.

Boris of course was born in New York. Does that have something to do with it? If only we had the same rules as America, it would rule him out as our Prime Minister. (I think. Or would that only apply to our titular Head of State?)

Banning ‘Til Death do Us Part  and the ‘Don’t mention the War!’ episode of Fawlty Towers  is of course beyond nonsensical. Both of them were satirising  xenophobia and racism. The ‘Loony Left’, or whoever is responsible for these acts of pointless censorship – it could just be over-defensive TV executives – should grow up. And acquire a sense of humour. Where would we British be without that?

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2 Responses to Don’t Mention the Blacks

  1. Tony says:

    The idea that Britain is a ‘world leader’ in anything is laughable, instead of being a highly dependent on foreign investment and a teetering service sector. The pandemic has revealed how vulnerable the country is under pressure, and the cracks that immediately appear and impacts disproportionately on the poor and BAME front line workers. Johnson’s whole political (and journalistic) career has been built on obfuscation and lies, and his response to any situation is almost entirely predictable and worthless.

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  2. I agree that banning the ‘Don’t mention the War!’ episode of Fawlty Towers was a mistake; however, I definitely would not put that series in the same basket as ‘Til Death do Us Part, which certainly was satirising racism and xenophobia. Cleese has shown his true colours in the Brexit debate and the period leading up to it, by his repeated statements pushing the view that there were far too many foreigners in London. The depiction of Manuel in Fawlty Towers was never funny and always boring unless you bought into and relished the stereotype of the inept and fawning southern European.

    On the other hand, ‘Don’t mention the War!’ was funny; however, in addition to its comedic virtues it was also a way for Cleese and the Anglo-viewers to remind themselves of the great victory the British achieved in single-handedly standing up to and defeating the German armed forces, thus triumphing over the hapless Germans. ‘Don’t mention the War!’ could have been subtitled: ‘We have not forgotten the superiority of the British people.’

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