And On the Third Day…

Yesterday I cast a slight doubt – and I thought at the time a possibly unworthy one – on Boris’s claim to have come though a potentially fatal episode of the Coronavirus last week. It appears that I’m not the only one with suspicions. Mine were rooted simply in Boris’s notorious tendency to lie about almost anything. This morning, however, I found this article on the web, which elaborates our doubts: I’d not come across ‘ABZ’ before, and don’t usually accept sources like this: it does look a bit ‘conspiratorial’, doesn’t it? (I notice that the Google moderators have suspended it temporarily – but see comments below); but it raises some interesting questions. Has anyone noticed him coughing? Nuff said.

17 April: of course not. As has been pointed out to me, too many people, including the staff of St Thomas’s Hospital, would have to have been in on the deception. I never really thought this. But in view of his past, Boris only has himself to blame if he arouses such suspicions. And he still might have been exaggerating his closeness to death: ‘it could have gone either way’. It will certainly have worked out well for him, if (1) it gets him some sympathy, and (2) it keeps him out of the public firing line for a while. Whatever his other qualities, as a ‘national leader’ he doesn’t exactly inspire trust.

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4 Responses to And On the Third Day…

  1. Tony says:

    He probably displayed some symptoms, otherwise it would involve staff at St Thomas’s hospital colluding in a propaganda scam. But the right wing press hype is so obviously a distraction from government incompetence, the public are surely growing aware of Johnson’s inadequacy in responding to the pandemic.The problem is that locating responsibility for anything in this country is now so diffused that Tory governments (2010-20) have already got away with austerity policies that have increased poverty, consolidated the power of the wealthy, and undermined the NHS and all its components as we are witnessing.

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  2. ABZ Media says:

    Hello, I came across this via my analytics. Thanks for sharing.

    I just wanted to let you know that Google has not suspended the article, and I have had no indication like anything like this happening. (I am not a fan of conspiracy theories, politicians being dishonest or misleading people). Again, thanks for reading and sharing! Stay safe.


    • I’m sorry to have got this wrong. I was misled by an ‘Error’ notice that came up: ‘410: This post is under investigation or was found in violation of the medium rules’. Perhaps it didn’t come from Google? I’m not well schooled in these things!


      • ABZ Media says:

        Ohhhhh! Sorry if i came accross wrong, i was pretty glad someone mentioned it.

        For some reason Medium removed the version i posted there as the tory media team has been trolling me. It is very possible google investigated it but then allowed it 😀😁.

        You have yourself a nice day and stay safe.

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