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I don’t really think that Trump’s exemption of Britain and Ireland from his ban on flights from Europe is due to his having golf courses there. Or that Boris’s reluctance to take stronger action against the coronavirus pandemic has anything … Continue reading

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The Dead Cat

Lynton Crosby has excelled himself here. Remember, he’s Boris Johnson’s Australian political guru (the one before Dominic Cummings) who invented – or at any rate is associated with – the strategy of throwing a dead cat into the room to … Continue reading

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Scandi Noir  

Something to look forward to, as I languish in bed suffering from the coronavirus. I’m showing no signs of it yet, but one case has just been reported in Hull. A whole one! And I’m in an at-risk group twice … Continue reading

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Jan Morris

Lovely interview with Jan Morris in today’s Observer. She’s 93. An amazing woman – born male, army officer, Times reporter, climbed Everest, best known as a travel writer, a Welsh nationalist, changed sex, wrote a book about it, Conundrum (I’m afraid I … Continue reading

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