Scandi Noir  

Something to look forward to, as I languish in bed suffering from the coronavirus. I’m showing no signs of it yet, but one case has just been reported in Hull. A whole one! And I’m in an at-risk group twice over: elderly, and with pulmonary problems. I wouldn’t have thought of worrying, if it weren’t for all those government instructions not to panic. That obviously means there’s something to panic about.

Kajsa should be with me, but they’ve been advised in Sweden not to travel. (All those Swedes at Arlanda coming back from their winter holidays in Indo-China, or the Italian Alps.) I’m presently self-isolating, having bought in enough food to last me a month. After that I’ll get to work on the cat that keeps trespassing into my house. (Any advice on how to cook them?) But presently I’m OK. The hermit life has its upside. I can work undisturbed.

And look at these treats lying ahead for me:! It won’t be the same without my own Scandi sitting next to me to watch them; but it will be some consolation.

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Retired academic, author, historian.
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5 Responses to Scandi Noir  

  1. You are languishing in your well bed; I am glad to hear that.

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  2. Neil SHADDICK says:

    Like Philip, you had me worried there, Bernard. Take care and all the best from New Zealand

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  3. I wish you a speedy recovery, Bernard.


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