Better the Devil…

I wonder whether the sudden and, as I understand, unexpected resurrection of Joe Biden in the Democratic primaries, eclipsing Bernie Saunders, has anything to do with Coronavirus? Quite frankly, if a general election were to be declared in Britain just now, I’d prefer a safe pair of hands to guide us through this present crisis, rather than a revolutionary, or – for that matter – a clown. (Jeremy and Bernie, of course, are the revolutionaries; Boris and Donald the clowns.) A pandemic on the present scale is no time to be radically upending the traditional verities. We can see to that when it’s all over. Until then, the only imperative is to steady the ship! Which is why, even as an enthusiastic admirer of both Saunders and Corbyn, if I were back in the USA I’d probably go for Biden; and for Starmer in the UK. Perhaps my American friends can tell me if there’s anything in this.

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Retired academic, author, historian.
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2 Responses to Better the Devil…

  1. Bernie Sanders, Bernard.
    Except that Biden might only be “a safe pair of hands” in our imaginations. His cognitive powers seem to be problematic at best. One must hope that he does not come apart at the seams during the campaign. He could be helped by the US electorate having its attention diverted elsewhere – Covid-19 – during October-November.

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    • My favoured alternative to Sanders was Elizabeth Warren, but she’s fallen by the wayside. I know very little about Biden. But at least he looks dignified, and isn’t mad and corrupt – is he? Of course I’d be a Sanders man in the US, as I’m a Corbynista here; but I’d worry about ‘Socialism’s’ electoral toxicity over there.


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