Monstering Labour

The recent propaganda campaign against Labour’s and Corbyn’s alleged ‘anti-semitism’ will go down as the most despicable in recent British political history. (Certainly if I have anything to do with the writing of it!) Those responsible for it – the Conservative press, the British Board of Deputies, the Jewish Chronicle, anti-Corbyn Labour MPs – should all be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. So should those who swallowed their wicked libels without properly examining them, often simply on the grounds that ‘Jews felt vulnerable’ – of course they did, in the midst of all this propaganda – ‘so there must be something in it’. In fact there wasn’t. It was nearly all lies. The Jewish community in Britain, or its self-proclaimed leadership, has done no favours to itself, or even to Israel, by mounting this deceitful campaign, which must eventually rebound adversely on it. I can even see it provoking a genuine ‘anti-semitism’. And of course it has also done no favours to the wider community it lives amongst, as not merely a ‘tolerated’ but also a valued and admired minority; by contributing – in whatever small degree – to the defeat of the only party and leader in the land that promised political and social reform along genuine Judaeo-Christian lines.

The following comes from a radical left-wing paper, which might provoke distrust among some readers; but it’s the best of a number of analyses of this scandal that I’ve read recently:

Corbyn’s  conduct and demeanour in the wake of the tragedy of December has been as dignified as one would expect from him. One of his aims was to transform British politics and society away  from the lying and sheer malevolence that characterise the government that – with the marginal assistance, among others, of the ‘pro-Israel lobby’ – defeated him in December. His failure should not be counted against him; unless it’s merely in terms of tactics. He and his supporters could not – perhaps could not hope to – effectively counter the massive disinformation machine ranged against him. Perhaps they should have tried; as Blair did, for example, by reaching his Mephistophelian bargain with Rupert Murdoch. Is that now the only way that the Left can win?

I still admire Corbyn, and have no regrets about having supported him. In the upcoming Labour leadership election, however, I’ll be voting for Keir Starmer. As a key shadow minister under Corbyn he must have supported the policies the latter represented. And I’ve always thought that politicians ought to have pursued other careers before aspiring to positions where they can tell their compatriots how to pursue theirs. Starmer’s previous career was highly distinguished one, and in the public  service. (Hence the ‘Sir’.) For me that overshadows other serious desiderata, like having a woman as a Labour PM. We’ll see how the Right-wing Press will try it on with him. It may not find it quite as easy to ‘monster’ him as it did the terrorist-friendly/communist-spy/anti-semitic/bad dresser (etc.) Jeremy. But I’m sure they’ll find – or invent – something.

I’m still, by the way, waiting for a response from the Labour Party to my ‘I’m Spartacus’ letter ( Will I be expelled, for expressing views like those alluded to in this post?

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  1. So agree with you, Bernard. That had to be the worst of the worst in the media coverage of Corbyn. As a person of Jewish religious heritage here in the US, I could only watch with horror, frustration, anger, and powerlessness at how Corbyn was so mistreated. It is a shameful thing, capped with the Simon Weisenthal Center, who was already on my disgust list, outdoing itself in calling Corbyn the anti-Semite of the year, in a year that included the anti-Semitic murders in Poway, CA, where we once lived.

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