Another Victor

One of the ‘victors’ I left out of my post a couple of days ago ( is that section of the British Jewish community that purported to regard Jeremy Corbyn as an existential threat to them; which was one of the most egregious lies of the whole Right-wing campaign. I was chary of mentioning this for fear of being labelled an ‘anti-semite’ myself. (That’s the way they work.) Right up to the last moment Tories like Gove were parroting the same slander. Of course there were many other Jews who tried to counter it, including my old thespian friend Miriam Margolyes; and it’s difficult to say what proportion of the blame (or credit) for the election result should be attributed to this factor. But it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. My hope is that it doesn’t engender a new and this time genuine anti-semitism among disappointed Labour supporters. It was a dangerous weapon for Jews and Rightists to employ.

If the ‘Israel Lobby’ was a winner, the Palestinian cause is obviously a loser. Corbyn was the first potential PM to espouse it. Hence the slander.

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