‘Get Brexit Done’

Was this the plan all along? To bore people – most of whom knew little and cared even less about the EU – into backing Boris’s ‘deal’, simply so as not to have to hear about it any more?  I guess that’s what will happen now. What I wonder is whether this was always part of a deliberate strategy on the part of arch-conspirator Dominic Cummings, and his rich clients. Wear the people down…

I remember my divorce proceedings going much the same way. In the end I gave up on everything just to get the thing done.

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4 Responses to ‘Get Brexit Done’

  1. Tony says:

    A sad race to the bottom in which the hard rightists are intent on using Brexit as a cover for turning the UK, or what will remain of it, into an offshore tax haven for the hedge funds and the rootless rich and an even more unregulated and insecure labour market. The only hope is for a renegotiated re-entry, even on disadvantageous terms, at some point in the future but probably not until enormous damage has been done. I will be emigrating to Edinburgh!

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  2. Though one assumes Boris would have preferred his deal to have passed with a resounding majority.

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  3. I thought of you as I watched the House of Commons debate…

    About your friend Cummings


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