Is Corbyn the Only Sane One?

If  – if – this report is right, then Corbyn’s always clear and consistent policy on Brexit may yet save us. If so, then I’ll have been right all along! (Sorry to crow, and it may be premature; but it’s been a hard three years trying to defend him against the sneers and smears.)

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3 Responses to Is Corbyn the Only Sane One?

  1. The very sad side-effect of this Brexit failure is that Corbyn’s highly progressive set off of social and economic policies will go under when he does.


  2. This article points to a continuation of a highly equivocal Corbyn stance on Brexit. This ‘sane’ strategy has allowed the Liberal Democrats to surpass Labour in a recent poll. The latter party now trails the former as the major opposition party. The ‘sane one’ now looms as an existential threat to his own party.
    In the paragraph below it is apparent that Corbyn is opting for a Brexit-lite policy.
    “Against all the efforts of right- and left-wing MPs who had joined forces to press him, Corbyn has won the agreement of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) that the party’s general election manifesto will include a pledge to agree a new, sensible Labour Brexit deal that places trade with the EU above above the US – but will not contain a pledge to campaign for remain.”

    In the next paragraph, Corbyn’s Labour appears to be advocating a new referendum – that is wanted by a large percentage of Labour voters – which could presumably result in the revoking of Article 50; a course of action labelled as “extremism” by Squawkbox. Remaining in the EU, “extremism”? A policy which is supported by the vast majority of Labour voters, extremism?

    “Labour: occupying the ‘sanity gap’ (image: L Lavery, used with permission)
    The no-deal extremism of the Tories and the revoke extremism of the LibDems has opened up a gaping ‘sanity gap‘ in UK politics that Labour must occupy – and is. As Corbyn said in an op-ed piece published in the Guardian tonight: The Liberal Democrats want MPs to overturn the referendum result by revoking Article 50 in a parliamentary stitch-up. The Tories are risking a reckless No Deal. Only a vote for Labour will deliver a public vote on Brexit. And only a Labour government will put the power back into the hands of the people.”

    In seeking to accommodate the Brexit-favouring Labour voters and Corbyn’s own Euro-scepticism, Labour is threatening to take a vote-destroying Brexit policy to the forthcoming election. Insanity!


  3. Andrew Rosthorn says:

    The Sqwawkbox announcement is hardly a “report.” There’s only one fact in it and it reads like a piece of internalised agitprop. In a country where the essential part of the constiution is parliamentary reprentative democracy the phrase “parliamentary sitch-up” rings like cracked bell. Don’t you feel uneasy at that phrase?


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