Eton Mess

It’s largely Old Etonians who have got us into this ghastly situation. (I wonder what sort of History they teach them there?) So perhaps another Old Etonian should be made to get us out of it. But not Boris.

Rory Stewart, another Old Etonian, could be the man. He’s the most reasonable-sounding (relatively!) of the current bunch of Tory leadership hopefuls. Perhaps he escaped Boris’s History teacher? But of course the Conservative Party membership who are tasked with electing our new Prime Minister (what a farce!) won’t like that. So – unless Boris makes an utter fool of himself at tonight’s TV hustings, which is possible; and  enough of a fool to look foolish to the old buffers of  the Tory Party, which is less likely – it looks as though he’s is going to get it. And the rest of the world will fall about, laughing and crying. Sic transit gloria…

Eton Mess, by the way – the pud – is quite tasty. Just messy. A bit like Boris?

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2 Responses to Eton Mess

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  2. Tony says:

    To be fair Etonians come in a wide variety of types, and even some left wingers from John Strachey to Perry Anderson, and many liberals like Keynes, and very many One Nation Tories in the past. Johnson is a one-off with his nihilistic desire for power, racist and sexist comments, lies and lack of principle and total unsuitability for any responsible position, never mind prime minister. It will be pay-back time for all his dodgy pals and supporters, and peerages for the tax dodging Barclay brothers whose Telegraph is his own Fox News.

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