Brexit Psychology

I know I should be commenting on the dramatic events that have occurred in British politics over the past week: the much-deserved defenestration of Theresa May (no, it’s not  because she’s a woman), and the success of our right-wing Brexit party in the EU elections (no, it’s not solely  because its leaders are liars and cheats). But I’ve been working hard on elaborating a conference paper for publication in a book – deadline the end of the month. It’s on British ‘colonists’ in Europe in the 19thcentury. Of course I couldn’t resist inserting some gentle barbs about Brexit. I’ll be finished with that soon.

In the meantime can I recommend this fun but convincing piece on the mass psychology of Brexitism. OK, so it’s by an expert; and ‘we’ve had enough of experts, haven’t we?’ – That too is dealt with here.

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  1. Which of the ‘cognitive biases’ explains the now-quaint idea that Corbyn was ‘playing a blinder’ on Brexit?

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