Brexit Refugees

Incidentally, I don’t want to, but if I did want to renounce my British citizenship, the British government would charge me €400 to do so. Extraordinary! In what other walk of life do you have to pay for returning something? ‘Sorry, these trousers don’t fit.’ ‘OK, we’ll take them back, but it will cost you £50.’

And Britain also charges through the nose for getting citizenship. It cost my son- and daughter-in-law (American and Australian) ££ thousands. What is it about the British Home Office? May’s ‘hostile environment’, perhaps? For my Swedish citizenship I paid a small amount up front for administrative costs – less than 1000 kronor (£90) I think – and then no more.

My only complaint against Migrationsverket is that they took so long to process me; but that’s probably because of all the other Brexit refugees clogging up the system. I wonder how many of us there are? And how many in other EU countries? (Sweden isn’t the top destination for Brits.) Someone should make a count of all the Brits fleeing from Britain in order to retain their European citizenship – or just to get away from Boris and the rest. It must be a fairly significant effect of Brexit.

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