An Uncivil War

Last night we managed to catch the Channel 4 drama-documentary Brexit: an Uncivil War, which we missed when it was originally broadcast, through a link Kajsa found. There’s a good review of it in today’s Dagens Nyheter (by a friend of ours). Much against the Guardian’s very different opinion, I found it compelling on this aspect of the Brexit referendum. It also bore out, dramatically, my analysis from the very start – vide infra, around June 2017 – of the reasons why people voted as they did. And at the end I thought that the Dominic Cummings character’s appeal for a new, imaginative kind of politics to replace the old conventional one, so that the damage done by his ‘algorithms’ might be avoided in the future, could be a direct call to Jeremy Corbyn.

Having watched A Very English Scandal, about the Jeremy Thorpe affair, on Swedish TV just a few days earlier, Kajsa reckons she’s now up to speed on two of the different kinds of corruption that beset British politics: the ‘old school tie’ one (Eton of course) in the second case, and this new ‘scientific’ sort in the first.

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