The Only Way They’ll Learn

When I was a small child many years ago, and I wanted to do something foolish and dangerous, one common response from the adults was: ‘let him do it. It’s the only way he’ll learn’. How many children got electrocuted/drowned/choked/poisoned/abducted that way I can’t guess. But it taught them a lesson.

I’m now wondering whether we shouldn’t apply the same advice to today’s Brexiteers. Let them have their full-Monty, no-deal, off the cliff-edge, ‘Brexit means Brexit’ Brexit, and see how they like it. Their leaders, of course, carefully funnelling their riches abroad, and plotting the next stage of their neoliberal revolution, would come to little harm. And I can move permanently to Sweden and hopefully avoid the worst effects. But your millions of thicko Ukippers won’t have these means of escape. Nor will they still be able to put the blame on Europe, as they undoubtedly will if a ‘soft’ or ‘semi-detached’ or ‘Norwegian-style’ Brexit is negotiated, and the furriners still keep coming in. That’ll teach ’em. And allow us poor Remainers some Schadenfreude, at least. ‘Tee hee! We told you so.’ Won’t that be worth something? (No.)

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2 Responses to The Only Way They’ll Learn

  1. TJ says:

    Many of these ‘hard line’ Brexiteers are working class people with very little to lose even if things get a lot worse, and their vote in the Referendum was a cry of pain at being dispossessed, marginalised and despised, or so they felt, by the liberal middle classes. Eight years of ‘austerity’ has left them in an even worse position with insecure employment, and reduced social services, devastated high streets etc. They were misled by the dishonest Brexit campaign whIch fed them false information and the lacklustre Remain campaign which did little to inform them about the consequences of Brexit. As ever its the working class, lacking mobility and resources, who pay highest price of escaping the capitalist single market of the EU or of staying a prisoner of it (eg Greece)

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