Dual Nationality Under Threat

The Sweden Democrats (or SD: Sweden’s UKIP), as well as wanting to withdraw from the EU, are also proposing to abolish the right to dual citizenship for Swedish nationals. If ‘duals’ still want to retain their Swedish passports, they’re going to have to give up their other nationalities. (See https://www.thelocal.se/20180827/dual-nationality-question-stirs-debate-in-sweden.)

Of course this will affect me, vitally. (I’m still up for joint-Swedish.) But more than this, it runs right against Sweden’s once-proud traditions of openness and internationalism. It indicates a very mean,  narrow and unrealistic view of ‘identity’, as if the Right can’t abide the idea of a person’s having more than one loyalty at a time.

But it’s only to be expected from far-Right exclusionary nationalists. I imagine that UKIP will come round to it soon – if they haven’t already. (Where would that leave Nigel’s German ex?- wife and children, I wonder?)

The SD could get a part in the next government, bolstering up a fragile centre-Right alliance, although up to now the latter have been rather snooty towards them. At present they poll at 19-20%. The election is on Sunday the 9th. Kajsa is out distributing leaflets. (Not for the SD.) We’re hoping that the ‘Red-Greens’ will win. I’ll report on the result here.

PS. If I get my Swedish passport, and have to choose between the two of them, I’ll probably dump the British. Except that the Home Office will charge me £372 for renouncing my citizenship, which I find extraordinary. (See https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/691774/Nationality-MasterFeesLeaflet_2018_Final_06-04-18.pdf. It’s near the end).

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  1. The far right is following you, Bernard.

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