Pausen (Sw)

Sorry for the interval (Engl). I’ve been working on two projects recently: a paper on British emigration to the European continent for a conference in Amiens; and a short talk on Eva Reckitt, daughter of the Hull manufacturer (‘Reckitts Blue‘, anyone?) who became a Communist and was watched by MI5 – for a day’s conference here in Hull on notable local women. (I may publish it here too later.) Neither of these is due to be delivered until September; but with my summer looking to be taken up entirely hosting my large extended family and their relatives (16 in all, ages 1-45) on Svartsö – joyously – I thought I’d better get them researched and written up in good time. They’ve kept me preoccupied. I’m only now emerging, blinking, into the light.

Another post to follow shortly.

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