A Charade?

Here’s an interesting take on Brexit that I found on a ‘Brexpats’ thread on Facebook, by Hugh Croft. It has occurred to me, too, in the light of the current British government’s seemingly clueless Brexit negotiations over the past few months. Can Davis, Johnson and Co. really be as incompetent as they’re making out? Comments posted underneath the original post are sceptical, mainly on the grounds that it credits our government with too much intelligence.

The following is an opinion, but one which wouldn’t surprise me if it were true: The UK and EU have decided there will be no Brexit and are going through a scripted charade to make it clear it would be a disaster. There will be a second vote, in which it will be agreed to remain, voters having been socially engineered into believing they made the choice…

If only….

We’re experiencing even extremer weather conditions in Sweden than in Britain – a metre of snow here in Stockholm – but they’re coping with it. Of course, we say, they’re used to it. (True enough.)

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