Trump and the British Far Right

Trump’s retweeting of fake ‘Britain First’ propaganda a few weeks ago, quickly slapped down by Theresa May, who was then re-slapped down by Trump, isn’t by itself evidence of a two-way link between him and our own neo-Nazis. But there’s no doubt that the latter love him, as a fellow nationalist and racist, and have started to regard him as their great overseas hero, much as the British Right before the War regarded Hitler, and British communists used to regard either Stalin or Mao. Hence Nigel Farage’s fawning on him; and hence also the incident last week when a group of far-Rightists disrupted a Fabian Society meeting addressed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has had his own spats with the Donald; with the disrupters waving American flags (the wrong way round, as it happens) and shouting for both Brexit and Trump. There’s an account of it here: I imagine that Trump is going to fulfil this role for the British far Right for as long as he stays in power, and even afterwards. (Perhaps as the Risen White Christ?)

I’ve not come across the ‘White Pendragons’ before. From their name they ought to be Welsh. But their leader, portrayed in this video accompanied by a parrot, talks like a Londoner: Watch it, if you can bear to.

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