Brits in Europe (2)

I may have been wrong in my assumption that all or most Britishers living on the Continent will have been Remainers. Here’s a piece about a couple of expats who were on the other side of the argument. It’s backed up by further contributions to the ‘Brits in Europe’ blog I’ve taken it from. The reasoning behind it almost beggars belief. Are they aware that Ireland is in the EU?

An insight into the mind of John and Fiona Connolly.

The British couple living in Ireland who support brexit, despite having lived in France for 19 years.

“We’re already losing regular money from our British pensions as a result, but it’s worth it…. We were living in France for 19 years, near Toulouse. We’re in Cork because we wanted to be in a country where people spoke English and property was cheap here. You couldn’t really have conversations with French people. I didn’t speak much French. [!] Personally, I’ll feel much safer when Britain has its own say in Europe, rather than relying on what the EU tells us to do. But we’re too old now to worry about politics.”

British expats in Ireland: You can’t be a ‘stuck-up Brit’ – IRISHTIMES.COM

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