I’ve taken down all my posts on sexual harassment.

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Retired academic, author, historian.
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3 Responses to Deletions

  1. Dear Bernard, it’s simply NOT FAIR to disdainfully inform and without any apology or explanation that you have “taken down” all your posts on sexual harassment – as if you are guilty of something ( could be some thing? Anything ?) I know that any male worth his breeches making some honest statements about sexual harassment is likely to get into some hot waters with some of the womenfolks: There are husbands and boyfriends who rue the day that they stepped out of line. I know that some of them will now have to beg pardon on their knees and sing for their supper or they won’t get anything at all and will have to go to bed hungry. Yes, here in Sweden. Anyway, taking down your very – in my view, reasonable points of view is unfair : FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!! It’s NOT DONE! What’s the matter? Excessive self-censorship? It’s not like you to buckle to even tremendous feminist domestic pressure? I had got my Better Half and my son all lined up to engage your posts and now what am I supposed to tell them – that they have all dis-appeared ? That it’s now tabula rasa because you regret having said something that you had better left unsaid to avoid any miss-understandings? Well, here’s something that someone said as far back as 1981 , slightly revised but without regret and I hope that this helps you to change you MIND:…/politics-sexual-harassment/

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  2. Please Bernard restore them immediately ! We ( mankind & womankind) humankind cannot afford to lose such vital evidence of your past thoughts about such matters

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