I have no expertise in sexual harassment, apart from having been groped (by women, in the crotch) and propositioned (by a man) when I was younger. In the first case it was by students, in relation to whom I was the one with the ‘power’. I’ve also been made aware of it by my daughters, and as a Head of Department who occasionally had to deal with complaints of harassment. So far as I know I have never personally harassed any woman, although to read some complaints – brushing a knee, for example, or gentle flirting – I wonder whether I might not have done so inadvertently. (I shall keep my distance from now on.) Hence I have nothing to say on the Burning Issue of the Day; and if I did, I wouldn’t dare to, as a man, in the present climate. I’m sure it’s a good thing that all this is coming out now, but there are dangers. Enough said.

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2 Responses to Harassment

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  2. A perverse and paradoxical effect of the campaign would emerge if the outing of harassers was phenomenally successful. If it turned out that, for argument’s sake, one half of all men had engaged in harassing behaviour at some stage of their lives, then harassment would gain the unwanted status of normality.

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