Does ‘the people’ include corpses?

Just back from a wonderful birthday party near Copenhagen. Our friend Eleanor, the birthday girl, is a true International. She has lived and worked in Sweden, France and Denmark, and speaks all those languages, plus perfect English. Hence the guests came from all over: I and a couple of others from Britain, but living abroad; others from Sweden, France, Russia, and of course Denmark. All (even the Russians) were puzzled and deeply saddened over Brexit. I felt I have far more in common with them, than I do with the 52% of Little England Brexiters.

Or is it fewer than 52% now? An article I read in the train back over the Øresund Bridge suggests that, even if none of the original voters has changed his or her mind since the Referendum, natural wastage – deaths – could have shifted the balance; with the elderly having been predominantly pro-Brexit, and the young the Remainers. A 1-2% death rate among the oldies would apparently do the trick. Brexiters argue that we can’t go against ‘the people’s’ choice, as measured that one day in June last year. Does that include the dead?

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  2. “The tradition of all dead [Brexiters] generations weighs like a nightmare on the brains of the living [Remainers].”

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