‘Last Night in Sweden’

Apparently a copy of this book, published a few days ago, has been sent to the White House. Its aim is to counter the ‘fake news’ that Trump and others on the American Right are currently peddling about Sweden, in order – basically – to boost their view that social democracy and internationalism don’t work – simply because neo-liberal ideology teaches they can’t. See a number of my earlier posts on this: search ‘Sweden’ and ‘Trump’.


I can’t imagine Trump actually reading it. Apparently he never reads books. But it does have some nice pics in it, apparently. Maybe it will include some of the curvacious blondes he obviously goes for. I’m looking forward to receiving my copy tomorrow (but not for that reason), from Amazon Prime (I’m afraid).

Sweden really is important; virtually the only remaining concrete proof in the world that there is an alternative, and a better one, to unrestrained capitalism.

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Retired academic, author, historian.
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