Back to Blighty

Back from holiday today. A disappointing Swedish summer, weather-wise, but who cares when you have a friendly pub (krog) down the road, and a snug sommarhus to retire to? Anyway, the Archipelago looks even better in the rain. I’ll resume blogging shortly, after Kajsa and I and some radical Swedish friends have seen Dunkirk together in Stockholm – I don’t suppose it will have the same emotional impact on them as on me – and I’ve returned to Hull on Tuesday. In the meantime I thought this was worth circulating  slightly more widely – the pseudonymous ‘Trotter’s’ response to an earlier post of mine: No further comment from me is required, I think. (But you may like Andrew Rosthorns’s – printed above it.)

Kajsa highly recommends The Square (an English title but a Swedish film) when it reaches the UK, and I can see it with subtitles. It’s in line for the ‘best foreign film’ Oscar. I wonder whether it will come to Hull?

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  1. Andrew Rosthorn’s comment on the ‘Trotter’ quote:

    ‘Trotter’s “ill-clad, cauliflower-eared, uncultured proles”, voting Leave in the referendum, sound like “beefsteak Nazis”, those despairing ieft-wing lower class Germans who put their faith in Hitler and served him in the SA, “brown outside and red inside”. And like Sassoon’s General on the road up to Arras, Hitler did for them all by his plan of attack.’


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