Hubris and Harry

It has been interesting entertaining Swedish friends here in England at such an eventful and – probably – crucial time in our history. First there was the General Election, with the rise of Jeremy and the revolt of the Youth, and the Greek-tragic (hubris-nemesis) decline of the Maybot; then no fewer than three ‘terrorist’ attacks; and lastly the Grenfell Tower disaster, with all that can be inferred from this about the state of modern British society generally. I’m sure all this will provide them with dinner table conversation in Sweden for months. (They’re on their way back now.) ‘We were there…!’

I’ll get back to serious blogging soon. My foreign friends’ visit, on top of my operation – fully healed now, thanks – has rather held that up recently. Perhaps in a few days time…

In the meantime let me refer to Prince Harry’s recent claim, that none of the present Royals actually wants to be King or Queen, though they would, he says, take on the burden out of duty. It has been much criticised in the Press, but it has rather warmed me to him. I have little time for our Royal family (except Liz: she’s OK); but one of the few advantages of the hereditary principle, surely, is that it is likely to exclude ambitious people from the Head of State role, and in particular people who are solely motivated by personal ambition. They’re the dangerous ones. Look at the Maybot.

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