Looking on the Bright Side…

Sometimes, in this sort of situation, one half hopes one’s party will lose the coming election because then the other party will have to sort out the mess they’ve made of things. There’s certainly going to be a lot to clear up this time, and much more to come as a direct result of the Tories’ domestic policies: if, that is, having stolen one of Labour’s ideas (a cap on energy bills), they don’t run away with the rest of Corbyn’s ideological clothes – as Disraeli was supposed to have done to the Whigs in 1868. If not, then Theresa May is surely going to struggle, not only with her overriding ‘Brexit’ task, where we still have no idea of the direction she’s going to take, except that it will be confrontational; but also with the reaction her domestic policies are bound to provoke. We could even have a civil war, albeit a more polite, English kind than other countries’ – hopefully. (I’m happy to take part, but would prefer not to get killed.) In any event, there could be exciting times ahead. Isn’t this something to look forward to, to lighten the gloom that has descended on most of us goodies (!) since the Brexit vote, and to bring a smidgeon of comfort to us in these dreadful times?

Aux armes, citoyens!

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3 Responses to Looking on the Bright Side…

  1. TJ says:

    Unfortunately, one result of a Tory win will be endless articles by the commentariat about the need for a realignment of the centre left, and indeed it’s already started with political axes to grind and column inches to fill. There may be an attempt to creating an SDP 2, rumours say its already started, further overcrowding the centre left and leaving the Tories with a monopoly on the centre right.

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  2. Olivia says:

    Hi Bernard

    I am working on establishing a Museum of British Colonialism and am keen to speak with you. See website: http://www.museumofbritishcolonlism.org (still very much in development!).

    If of interest, please contact me on the email provided.

    I enjoy your books and your blog!

    Many thanks,

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