Chins Up

Some crumbs of comfort for America. The horror of Trump seems to have galvanised the Left – certainly women (see last post but one) – which is all to the good. A few of his concrete policies might actually be beneficial, both to America and to the world; like détente with Russia, and the rolling back of neo-liberal globalisation to some extent. Hillary wouldn’t have done that. To be sure, most of his other policies don’t carry quite the same hopes: healthcare reform, that Wall, irresponsible foreign interventions, encouraging Israeli colonialism, anti-abortion, the green light given to global warming, and so on. The only tiny bit of progressive hope we can take from all these is that they might fail, and be seen to fail, disastrously. That would surely provoke a more general reaction against him and the Republicans (and especially among the Republicans), in much the same way as his victory represented, at bottom, a reaction against the Obama-Clinton Democratic élite. (American elections are so negative.) Then it might be Bernie’s turn again, if he’s not thought to be too old; or alternatively, Elizabeth Warren’s. (? I’m not that familiar with the American political scene.)

No crumbs for Britain, I’m afraid. We’ve really fucked up.

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