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My daughter Kate has just ventured into the entrepreneurial world (after her Oscar triumph) by putting on to the market this new skin cleansing balm:

(that’s her, in the second picture), which recently got this fantastic review in The Times:

I’ve asked if it works for men too – it’s mainly, I think, for washing your face after makeup – and she says it’s worth a try. Go on! Order a jar! Only £22, and beautifully packaged.

If it’s any recommendation, everyone involved with it – the chemistry, manufacture, packaging, marketing – is a woman. Why is that no longer particularly surprising, except to an oldie like me? (I have to admit, when she said ‘chemist’ the picture that came into my mind was of a man.) – I’m thinking of posting a blog soon on what used to be called, in ‘my [historical] period’, ‘the woman question’. (Next.)

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  1. The dialectic goes into reverse: leftist intellectual begets cosmetics entrepreneur.

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