Alice Wheeldon

Alice Wheeldon was a pacifist and suffragette in World War I Britain. She irked the government of the time by sheltering draft-dodgers and helping them to escape abroad. In order to neutralise her she was ‘fitted up’ by police spies on a fake charge of plotting to assassinate Lloyd George, and sentenced to a long term of imprisonment. (The episode is mentioned in my Plots and Paranoia.) Next month, to mark the centenary of her trial, a ‘Vigil’ is being arranged at the London Law Courts by the group that is trying to elicit a posthumous pardon for her. As this notice points out, the issue of police spies and agents provocateurs is still a topical and troubling one. (See below: I hope I can make it to the Law Courts on the 10th.

WILPF 2017 Vigil - invitation - Alice Wheeldon Centenary Fri 10 March.jpg

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