Secrets, Lies and the Donald

I’ve been busy this last week reading and reviewing Ian Cobain, The History Thieves. Secrets, Lies and the Shaping of a Modern Nation (Portobello, 2016). Hence the lack of posts here. Nothing to do with the Election. I’ve not committed suicide; though on my way back from Stockholm last Wednesday I was careful not to step too close to the edge of the platform at Gatwick Airport station in case I was tempted.

The review should appear sometime in the LRB. They’ve not indicated when. I may add some thoughts about the book – an important one – to this blog soon.

On the US Election I have nothing to say that others haven’t. I still think it’s a symptom of the crisis of capitalism. And that it’s our fault in a way. If sane and rational people can’t organise society in a way that benefits everyone – or if the cold logic of capitalism doesn’t allow them to – they shouldn’t be surprised when the lunatics take the asylum over.

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