Living off my fat


Since starting this blog I’ve been diagnosed – well, not exactly diagnosed, as there’s no test for it, but all the symptoms fit – with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, otherwise known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME); which is why I find it hard to get up in the mornings – I never used to – and why there’s no chance of my ever writing another book. This blog has now turned into a therapy for me, to keep my old mind active, without needing to do any hard work. I’m living off the fat I have built up over the course of the twelve books and dozens of scholarly articles I’ve published since 1968, and what I read in the papers. If I don’t write regularly I’ll fade into pleasant oblivion. There’s no need for you to read it.

ME used to be dismissed as an excuse for laziness. In my case I suspect it was triggered by a tick bite I got on Svartsö two years ago; the one that can give you Lyme disease. A dangerous country, Sweden. Democratic, but dangerous.

In the meantime, Kajsa has been cruelly cut off from all formal contact – including her email address – with the university she has served for thirty years. ‘Is there life after academia?’ she asks. Perhaps together we could set up a new university for the tired and the rejected.

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  1. That is distressing news, Bernard, and you have my sympathy for what it is worth. However, there are sufferers who come through the other side and return to something close to normality. I hope it is too soon to say your last book has been written.

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