Jeremy in Hull

There was a huge crowd to hear Jeremy Corbyn in Queen’s Gardens yesterday; the biggest gathering any of us had ever seen in Hull. All sorts of people: young, old, men, women, ‘workers’, professionals, white, black, a few Trotskyites (of course), but mainly people like you and me. A fine speech by Corbyn, after an entertaining supporting programme: a Billy Bragg-like singer, and contributions (one a real rabble-rouser!) by some locals. It was on regional TV news briefly last night, and got a mention in today’s Observer; but in a report concentrating on a (false) charge that Corbyn was refusing to debate directly with his challenger (Owen something?), and nowhere mentioning the sheer size and enthusiasm of the meeting. Otherwise it was the usual curled-lip press sniping. You’ll know whom I’m going to vote for in the Labour leadership election.

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2 Responses to Jeremy in Hull

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  2. TJ says:

    Wonderful, and I hope most of them have joined the Party because if Jeremy wins again the PLP might try to take it over. But the members own the Party, its name, and assets, whatever the PLP do in the Commons which I suppose can’t be challenged in the courts. At last it can really become a People’s Party!


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