Looking on the bright side

OK, the upside.

  1. David Cameron is gone (nearly), rightly hoist by his own petard  – to coin a cliché. Osborne must surely follow shortly.
  2. The ‘Establishment’ is discredited.
  3. The public school system is discredited. Utterly.
  4. Real, direct democracy has prevailed, albeit perversely. There’s something exciting about mob rule.
  5. From now on no-one will be able to use the EU as a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong in Britain. Blame can be directed where it belongs  – currently Tory austerity.
  6. We may be forced at last to re-examine our political system, critically. And our press. Perhaps.
  7. We might learn to moderate the tone of our political discourse. That’s come under a lot of fire recently. Similarly, all the lies, on both sides. The Tory ones obviously weren’t believed. Everyone knew  they were whoppers.
  8. Jeremy Corbyn could strengthen his hold over the Labour party, and his wider appeal, after being the only one in the game to argue a rational and measured pro-EU case, without recourse to untruths. But that will depend on (a) the press giving him some coverage; and (b) his bitter Blairite enemies in the party laying off him. (If not I’ll resign.)
  9. The whole car-crash could well shake up the rest of Europe, where there is quite a lot of Euroscepticism about, and persuade it to undertake some much-needed reforms. (Brexit is the EU’s fault, too.) In particular, to loosen its neo-liberal structures (especially with regard to ‘free movement’), and to put a stop to its imperial expansion. (See https://bernardjporter.wordpress.com/2016/05/27/eumperialism/).
  10. A Brexit government is bound to fuck things up; so bringing us closer to revolution. (I wish.)
  11. With the young overwhelmingly voting for ‘Remain’ – and they after all are the ones that will have live with today’s decision longest – there’s hope for the future. Or the present, if they can make a case for disenfranchising us oldies. Or euthanising us. God, what a generation we are. (Not me; I voted Remain.)
  12. We’re now spared all the conspiracy theories that were beginning to be prepared in case ‘Remain’ won. (MI5 altering ballot papers; Jo Cox’s murder a ‘false flag’ op., etc. See below.)
  13. The Scots will almost certainly break away soon, to rejoin the EU. So we’ll be shot of them. And remember they invented free market economics. So, good riddance.
  14. And finally: well, at least we’ve had some fun, haven’t we? All those clowns on the Brexit side. Politics is no longer dull. It can be as entertaining as Eastenders any day.

No, this doesn’t cheer me up much, either. Especially with the prospect of the clowns taking the asylum over. Just imagine: Boris PM; Gove Chancellor; Nigel – what? Master of the Revels? Kajsa, make up that room for me in Stockholm. (If I can still get free healthcare there.)

Eye op went OK, thanks; though I’m only seeing through a bloodshot haze. That seems apt.

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Retired academic, author, historian.
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