‘An infantile yearning for lost world power status’

A good letter in today’s Guardian, referencing both the EU referendum and English football, with a nice historical angle.

Once the feelings of shame and disgust have subsided (England and Russia fans clash before and after match, 12 June), one is left with a melancholy sense of the aptness of this dust-up. Here are two countries, each on the fringes of a continent towards which they are, historically, at best ambivalent. Each is blighted by a seemingly ineradicable strain of thuggish xenophobia. And each is retarded by an infantile yearning for lost world power status. If we were stupid enough to leave the EU and find ourselves obliged to try and stitch up some trade deal with Putin’s Russia, it would be about what we deserve.

Emeritus Professor Glyn Turton

Shipley, West Yorkshire

My own post-Worcester thoughts to follow.

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Retired academic, author, historian.
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