Young Votes

According to polls, it’s the over-50s that will be voting predominantly for Brexit, and the under 25s who overwhelmingly favour Remain; but – and here’s the rub – the under-25s are less likely to vote. That could give victory to Brexit. All the more credit to the Labour Party, therefore, for its vigorous campaign to get the under-25 vote out, which could be the key.  The Conservative Remainers are seen nowhere in this particular campaign, which may be all to the good, bearing in mind how unpopular, even toxic, Cameron, Osborne et al are among the young. (I liked that young woman’s interruption of Cameron in the live TV question-and-answer session a few nights ago: ‘I’m a student of English literature, and I can tell waffle when I see it.’ Cameron goes a brighter shade of pink…) Labour is criticized for not weighing in with more big speeches, but speeches aren’t going to do the trick, especially when their arguments are so tendentious, on both sides. Everyone sees that. It has almost become the main theme of the campaign. It might even discourage voting. Countering that, by getting the young registering and out to the polls, is clearly a better way.

Personally I think that even if I weren’t (marginally) pro-Remain in any case, I might vote that way; simply on the grounds that the young will live to endure the consequences of our decision longer than we oldies, and so should be allowed a greater say. If they can bother.

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