Corbyn and the Guardian

Further to my last post: there’s a good account of Corbyn’s major European speech today on the Guardian website: ( Clear, strong, nuanced and principled, in my view, and surely good enough for anyone who complains that he isn’t stating his position forcefully enough, as his critics do. But the Guardian chose to lead – again, if its webpage is anything to go by – with a triviality: his audiences’s mild and very brief hissing, until Corbyn raised his hand for silence, of Laura Kuenssberg, who surely deserves it (; which the Guardian implied was another example of Labour ‘misogyny’, and which she chose to take as an attack on ‘press freedom’, for mercy’s sake!  I’ve never complained of BBC right-wing (or Blairite) bias before, but I’m now beginning to despair of the Guardian, as well as of the BBC. What is left for us moderate Left-Wingers? How do we prick ‘the Bubble’?

PS (next day): Corbyn has also pledged that a Labour Govt within the EU would sink TTIP. (See below, That’s my guy! Can you imagine Boris Johnson doing that after Brexit?

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  1. Tony Judge says:

    The Guardian has always been strongly pro-EU, but is also anti-Corbyn and most of its Labour news is conditioned by the latter. Laura Kuennsberg is clearly a Tory and makes little effort to hide the fact unlike Nick Robinson (usually) and Jeremy Paxman (almost always) and Andrew Neil (occasionally)

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