Boris and the Swedes

So far as I can gather, and after only a few hours back in Utopia, the Swedes really don’t know what to make of Boris Johnson. Here’s a short recent local television news item on him: (‘Kalsonger’ are men’s underpants, and refers to an amusing analogy with the EU that Boris makes in the clip.) He obviously wouldn’t go down at all well in Sweden. But, as we all know, the Swedes don’t have a sense of humour. (Actually they do. At any rate, they laugh at my jokes. Or is this just Swedish politeness? They are known for that.)

Otherwise I’ve gathered, from Kajsa and other Swedish friends, that the Swedes very much want us to stay in the EU, where they regard the UK as an ally on lots of European issues. Which might suggest that Brexit – the departure of her best friend in Europe – could possibly trigger ‘Swexit’, as I tentatively suggested earlier  (see; and a wider break-up of the Union after that.

Though I have to say that Swedes I’ve been talking to recently can’t recall this ever being suggested. On the other hand most of them can’t credit that Brexit will happen anyway. So they won’t have given it any thought. Yet.

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