Cricket Lovely Cricket

I share most of the usual old farts’ disdain for T20 cricket (for foreign readers, the shortest form of the game, smashing the ball around the ground, with none of the subtlety and artistry of real cricket, the 3-5 day variety); but was delighted that the West Indies won the T20 ‘World Cup’ yesterday, and in such dramatic fashion. Perhaps it will spur them on to greater success in the ‘Test’ (5-day) arena, which in my boyhood they used to dominate, gloriously. Why the decline since then? Were potential stars lured by bigger financial rewards in other sports, especially in neighbouring America? Baseball? (Which is a bit like T20.) I have no idea. But whatever the reasons: welcome back, ‘Windies’! We’ve missed you. For me, as an Englishman, that easily compensates for your beating us.

And their women (or ‘Ladies’) won their tournament, too. It’s good to see their being given nearly equal billing – in the Guardian, at least. (The influence of its new female editor-in-chief?)  And to think that when I was a boy we used to think girls couldn’t catch.

‘Cricket lovely cricket’ was of course the great West Indian calypso of the 1950s. – (

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