A thought has just occurred to me. It must have occurred to many others. It’s not ‘religion’ that’s the problem (see below, March 4), but monotheistic religion. That was the fundamental reform brought about by Judaism, Christianity and Islam in their beginnings. ‘There is one God…’, to replace the muddle of rather silly gods and goddesses that people worshipped before. Muddled, OK, and seemingly less rational than the simplicity of a single deity; but at least the Greeks and Romans and Vikings and the rest had some choice of which god they wanted to follow. And had no need to try and impose him/her on the rest of humankind. They also must have taken their gods less seriously. Many of the Ancients, according to a new book, were atheists or agnostics. Monotheistic religions are inherently totalitarian. Wherein lies the danger.

Where can I sign up for Freyja worship?

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